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A Thousand and One Words About Photography

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A good picture might be worth one thousand and one! On this website, you will find significantly more than one thousand words on the topic of photography. You will learn how to take better pictures yourself, and you'll also learn more about the techniques that professional photographers use to create excellent results. Whether you're someone who only looks at photos on your phone, or someone who likes to print and hang them on your walls, you have to admit, life would not be as lovely without photography. That's why it's so important to learn more about it, so start reading, and enjoy.


A Thousand and One Words About Photography

4 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Professional Headshots

Roberta May

With a limited crop and fit, there's only so much you can do to enhance a professional head shot. With a little planning and focus on details, you can add style and personality to your head shots. Follow our guide and plan ahead to create professional headshots that will represent you in the best way possible.

1. Backgrounds

The background of a headshot will often be out of focus so you stand out in the image, but you can still utilize the background to your advantage. For example, if you love the outdoors, then you can take the headshot outside and have a touch of nature added to the background of the image.

You can also choose your favorite color for the backdrop. If you love the color purple, then request a purple patterned backdrop and dress yourself to match the backdrop. The little details can help your headshot stand out, and they also give a fun talking point during interviews.

2. Pins

Whether you're in a professional suit or a dress, you can little details to the picture with the use of pins. Small pins can showcase interest, pride, or other details. For example, you could wear a pin of an American flag to show your love for the country. You could wear a small football helmet pin to showcase your love of football. Animal lovers can wear an animal pin.

The pin should be small enough so it doesn't cause a distraction in the picture but large enough to see the design and details.

3. Earrings

If you have your ears pierced, then you can add a personal touch with the earrings you wear. With a majority of clothing cropped out, the earrings you wear offer a chance to showcase your style and personality. You may choose something colorful and fun or something else that's a little sophisticated and classy.

4. Wrist & Hand Accessories

Some headshot poses may include your hands and arms. For example, you could rest your head on your hands or up against your forearm. If any of those poses are planned, you can accessorize your wrist and hand for the photos. Wear rings, watches, or bracelets to add details to the photo.

For example, for a whimsical touch, you could wear a character-based wrist-watch on your hand. Play around with different designs to stand out and add some personal touches.

Headshots are often used to make a good first impression, so taking the extra time to plan will really help with the final product.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers professional headshots.