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A Thousand and One Words About Photography

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A Thousand and One Words About Photography

Guide To Buying Used Lidar Mapping Equipment For Your Company

Roberta May

If you are a privately contracted geologist, you need to use a variety of equipment and resources during your clients' projects. The equipment and tools that you use can take a toll on your operating budget. To save money, you may need to purchase equipment that has been owned previously.

As you consider your options to buy used lidar mapping equipment, you may want to know what pieces of equipment are most commonly available to you. 


As drone technology becomes more popular, drone makers continue to flood the market with new makes and models. Likewise, previously-owned drones continue to become more readily available to people who are either starting out in the geology industry or mapmakers who want to save money in their professional endeavors. You can often find used drones for sale on the internet, or even through word-of-mouth. Drones are a common commodity, and you should be able to find one to suit your needs.

As you shop for used mapping equipment, you can find a variety of pre-owned drones available to you. The drones are typically only a few years old at most and contain the most critical technology needed to scope out a specific geographical boundary for mapping purposes.

Three-Dimensional Cameras

Likewise, you can also find 3D cameras when looking for used lidar mapping equipment. Three-dimensional cameras can be pricey if you are looking to buy a brand new model. Even a single camera can be expensive if you allocate for gear and accessories.

However, you can save money by purchasing one that has been previously used. Look for indications of wear, and ask the seller about the picture quality. You will be able to find a great 3D camera for a great price.

Laser Sensors

Finally, laser sensors are among the most important pieces of lidar equipment in which you can invest. The use of lasers enables your ability to determine lengths between geological points and determine how exactly to map out an area. The lasers allow you to find points to use as references on your maps and show how far different points are apart from each other.

These were just a few examples of important pieces of mapping equipment that you can buy, either for your private mapmaking business or as a private geologist. If you are just starting out or looking for quality equipment at a great price, buying your equipment used may be a good option. You can save money on drones, 3D cameras, or laser sensors by purchasing pre-owned equipment. For more information about buying used lidar mapping equipment, contact a local seller,  like Clear Skies Geomatics.