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A Thousand and One Words About Photography

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A Thousand and One Words About Photography

Planning Ahead For New Born Baby Photos While In The Hospital

Roberta May

When you are having a baby, photographs are pretty important, and the first pictures of your baby will probably happen in the hospital. Newborn baby photography can be offered in the hospital a few days after your baby is born. You do not have to have the pictures taken then, but if you plan ahead, it can be a great experience. 

Packing Your Bag

When you are expecting, you will likely pack a bag for the hospital. Often, the bag has clothing in it for you and an outfit for the baby to wear home. Packing a few extra outfits for when the baby photographer comes to your room is an excellent way to get some great pictures to use on announcements or to share with friends and family.

Additionally, if you want to have a pillow, blanket, or new stuffed toy in the pictures, be sure to pack it in your bag, so you have it the day the baby photographer comes to see you. 

The photographer will often take a few different pictures for you, and most of them will take some time to change the baby's outfit in order to get a variety of images for you. Most baby photographers will spend a few minutes with you and your baby to get the best pictures possible. 

Pictures At Home

When you get home, you may decide you want to have more formal newborn baby photography done than what you had at the hospital. Hiring a baby photographer to come to your home and take the pictures there offers a lot of flexibility and variety in the images. 

The photographer will often bring a lighting setup, some backdrops, and props to use when they take the pictures, and if you ask about something specific, they may be able to provide it. This photoshoot can be an opportunity for mom and dad to get into the pictures as well, effectively creating your first family portraits. 

If you want to have family pictures taken when doing the baby pictures, let the baby photographer know so they can plan for that when they are selecting the backdrops and other equipment they bring to the shoot. The photography session costs may change when you add group shots, so be sure to discuss that with your photographer. 

You may want to schedule the shoot a few weeks after coming home so that you can establish a routine with your new baby. This will make it easier to know the best time to have the photographer arrive for the best photo opportunities. 

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