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A Thousand and One Words About Photography

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A Thousand and One Words About Photography

4 Pro-Wrestling Items Ideal for Custom Framing Services

Roberta May

Pro-wrestling memorabilia is fun to collect and even better when it's on display in a home entertainment room or child's bedroom. Pro-wrestling items may include promotional material or pieces you have had autographed through the years. One way to enhance the look of an item is through picture framing services.

Professional framing services can protect the materials and create a more professional-looking display. Check out some of the best items ideal for custom framing services.

1. Promotional Posters

For many big wrestling events over the years, promotions have released official event posters. The posters often showcase top wrestlers and some of the biggest matches. Capture a piece of wrestling history with a framed promotional poster. Picture framing services can place the posters behind UV protective glass so the posters do not age or lose color.

If you want a nice aesthetic for your room design, choose two posters that match in size and look great together. A framing service can place the items in matching frames so the designs have a similar aesthetic.

2. Action Figure Cardbacks

A big part of the wrestling world is action figures. For multiple generations, action figures have been released with top wrestling stars. Besides the toy itself, one of the more collectible elements of the figure is the cardback. A wrestling cardback typically features a picture of the wrestler, but also may include images of the figures.

The back of the package could include detailed pictures of the whole series of action figures. You could have cardbacks framed individually or create a collage with a group of cardbacks that you already own.

3. Wrestler Autographed Photos

A common piece of wrestling memorabilia is a signed 8 by 10 photo that features the pro-wrestler. A signed photo is a great keepsake that could increase in value over time. The autographed photos look even better in a frame. A frame will help protect the autograph and ensure it doesn't wear away or smudge.

Have a series of autographed photos framed to match and hang them up in a row around a room of your choosing.

4. Event Photos

If you've attended any live wrestling events, then consider printing photos you have printed and using the picture frame services. The use of your own photos adds a nice personal touch to the design and gives you something to talk about when you have guests over to the house.

With custom picture frame services, you can set your photo behind a nice matte and make the image look more elevated.

Go through your pro-wrestling collection to see what items would look best framed and use picture framing services to ensure the items look professional.