A Thousand and One Words About Photography
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A Thousand and One Words About Photography

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A good picture might be worth one thousand and one! On this website, you will find significantly more than one thousand words on the topic of photography. You will learn how to take better pictures yourself, and you'll also learn more about the techniques that professional photographers use to create excellent results. Whether you're someone who only looks at photos on your phone, or someone who likes to print and hang them on your walls, you have to admit, life would not be as lovely without photography. That's why it's so important to learn more about it, so start reading, and enjoy.


A Thousand and One Words About Photography

  • Two Reasons To Hire A Professional Photographer For Your Wedding Day

    7 April 2020

    When you finally find a special someone that you want to spend forever with it's natural to have a burning desire to share your partnership with the world. It seems to take a lifetime to run across a person that you share such a deep bond. Commemorating your relationship by stating your vows and pledging an undying affection to that individual is something that sparks hope in the hearts of others.

  • Are You In Need Of New Headshots?

    28 March 2020

    If it has been over five years or so since your last headshot, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment with a photographer to get a new set of headshots. Regardless of what field you currently work in or what stage you are currently at in your career, it is important to have a professional and current headshot. Here are a few signs that will let you know that you are overdue for a new headshot, regardless of the industry that you are working in.

  • 2 Quick Techniques For Retouching Your Photos

    26 March 2020

    Have some photographs that do not look so great?  If so, know that it is always possible to retouch them using your photo editing software of choice. Here are some quick techniques that can be used to fix some minor flaws in your photograph. Skin Softening Are you trying to fix a problem with the skin tone in your photograph? There is an easy way to soften the look of the skin with a simple filter.

  • 4 Tips for Getting a Great Business Headshot

    20 March 2020

    If you are job hunting right now, you are going to want to get a professional headshot. You can use your professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile, as well as any other job websites you use. You can also use your headshot on your business cards. Having a professional image matters when you are looking for a job. In order to get the best image, there are a few things you'll need to do.

  • 3 Tips For Hiring A Wedding Photographer That Provides A Reliable Experience

    19 March 2020

    After getting engaged, you may expect to feel a little stressed about the wedding because of all the planning involved. This is especially true when you are committed to hiring professionals on your own as opposed to choosing a package from a wedding venue that includes everything. If you want to make sure that you end up hiring a photographer that you feel confident in providing you with a reliable experience, you should consider a few important factors.