A Thousand and One Words About Photography
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A Thousand and One Words About Photography

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A good picture might be worth one thousand and one! On this website, you will find significantly more than one thousand words on the topic of photography. You will learn how to take better pictures yourself, and you'll also learn more about the techniques that professional photographers use to create excellent results. Whether you're someone who only looks at photos on your phone, or someone who likes to print and hang them on your walls, you have to admit, life would not be as lovely without photography. That's why it's so important to learn more about it, so start reading, and enjoy.


A Thousand and One Words About Photography

  • Reasons To Pose For A Boudoir Photography Session

    23 October 2020

    Posing for a boudoir photography session with a local photographer who has experience with this type of work can be exciting. You don't have to have much of a reason for booking a photo session — you might simply be curious about what it entails, and decide to give it a try. In other scenarios, you might decide that this is a good option for you for any number of specific reasons.

  • Guide To Buying Used Lidar Mapping Equipment For Your Company

    12 October 2020

    If you are a privately contracted geologist, you need to use a variety of equipment and resources during your clients' projects. The equipment and tools that you use can take a toll on your operating budget. To save money, you may need to purchase equipment that has been owned previously. As you consider your options to buy used lidar mapping equipment, you may want to know what pieces of equipment are most commonly available to you.

  • 4 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Professional Headshots

    15 September 2020

    With a limited crop and fit, there's only so much you can do to enhance a professional head shot. With a little planning and focus on details, you can add style and personality to your head shots. Follow our guide and plan ahead to create professional headshots that will represent you in the best way possible. 1. Backgrounds The background of a headshot will often be out of focus so you stand out in the image, but you can still utilize the background to your advantage.

  • Taking Your Own Real Estate Photos? Try These 5 Tips

    19 August 2020

    Are you planning to make your own home listing, and you're ready to start taking some photos of the space? Here are some tips to make your home look great in the photos. Tidy Things Up Having things tidy and organized in your photos can make a big difference in making your home look presentable. You should give your home a pass to just make sure things are tidy and put away, and organize things so that they present well in a photo.

  • Hire A Wedding Photographer Early To Help With Planning

    10 August 2020

    Getting married is something that you may intend on doing in the near future, which means you will need to start planning for the whole experience. If you are not sure what you want to do for the wedding, you should think about hiring a wedding photographer early on. This is a smart and strategic choice because they can help you with some of the important planning aspects. Venue Picking a venue to get married at is one of the most important decisions that you will need to make.